About Me

Who Am I you might ask? I am a Woman of God, a devoted wife and mother, a life blogger, freelance content writer and author, Podcast host, and a Certified Life Coach. Each role that I play is a continuous learning experience. I know that I don’t get it right every day, but I am always open to learn and grow. My purpose in life is to help others show more compassion and work more on themselves instead of trying to fix others. Speaking Life with Conniea P was created to be an expression of love where each of us are allowed an opportunity to grow and not expected to be perfect. We are so critical of one another in judgment instead of taking the opportunity to help build each other up. My goal is to start a movement of having more compassion, love, and understanding shown towards one another. I don’t know all of the answers, which is why I invite you all to join this community and voice your opinions as well. What do you believe in? What changes can you make to impact the world? What do you want to see happen to create more unity in this world? Even if it’s a simple comment, let’s start somewhere and expand the minds and growth curve by continuously growing through love, dedication, and honor to God.